On Saturday, January 15th at noon, the 20th Long Lake Winter Carnival will be held at Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center in Long Lake, NY.
Events begin with a coronation of the King and Queen of the Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club followed by a slate of fun family friendly events. The Cardboard Sled Races start at 1p.m. with prizes awarded for speed and overall award for Best Decoration. Sleds can be made with cardboard, paint, wax and tape. Racing categories are for individuals and for teams. The ice skating rink and sledding hill will be open throughout the day.
Other events throughout the day include a Fashion Competition with prizes for the Best Winter Carnival Outer Gear. Don your best and most creative winter outfits, team themes are encouraged! Other events includes a Town-Wide Photo, Kids Balloon Chase, Goalie’s Day Off, Men’s Feats of Strength, the Ladies Frying Pan Toss, and fireworks at 6:30p.m. All events are free.
The Ice Farm will be carving ice sculptures all day long. There are 11 businesses and organizations who will be featured in the Sabattis Ice Sculpture Garden. There will also be a sculpture installation at the Long Lake Town Beach and a sculpture installed adjacent to the Raquette Lake Tap Room.
New for 2022, there will be 20th Anniversary Winter Carnival T-shirts available for $20 each. All proceeds from the sales will benefit the 2022 Long Lake Healthy Living initiative emphasizing support for our outdoor parks and recreation trails.
Schedule of Events – All times subject to change without notice. The Long Lake Fire Department will provide complimentary hot food from their outdoor serving area. This event happens snow, rain, or sunshine. All times subject to change without notice. We ask all guests to wear masks inside the Geiger Building, when less than six feet apart from others and on the Long Lake Little Bus.
Schedule of Events
12p.m. Winter Carnival Kick off, Ice Sculpture Installation Begins, Registration opens, and outdoor lunch served by the Long Lake Fire Department and T-Shirt Sales open!
12:15p.m. Coronation of Moonlighter’s King and Queen
12:30p.m. Winter Fashion Competition – ANYTHING GOES
1:00 p.m. Cardboard Sled Races 
1:45p.m. Town Wide Photo
2:00p.m. Balloon Chase for Kids 9 and under
2:30 p.m. Men Feats of Strength Caber Toss
3:00p.m. Ladies Frying Pan Toss
4:00p.m. Free skating and sledding and bonfire
5:00p.m. LITTLE BUS  Free Transportation, please call 518-524-3106 ** MASKS REQUIRED
6:30p.m. Fireworks
Event Friendly Reminder – Due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic masks are required when anywhere inside the Geiger Arena Building, on the Little Bus and when less than 6 feet from others.
The Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center, Geiger Arena is located at 6 Pavilion Way across from the Long Lake Post Office on Deerland Road, NYS Route 30 in Long Lake, NY. Parking  available in the lower parking lot, along South Hill Road, Owls Head Lane and at the Post Office after 12p.m. There will be free shuttle service running starting at 5 p.m. until 2am to and from the event location and pickups throughout town. Call 518-524-3106 for a ride. Open to the public.  Snowmobiles welcome! 
For more information about Long Lake, www.mylonglake.com or call 518-624-3077.  ##

Update for Weather on January 15, 2022

Be Advised due to both the extreme cold weather and community spread of Covid-19 we are offering you this helpful reminder

For temperatures under 12 degrees do not spend more than 15 consecutive minutes outside. Go inside (if in Geiger or Little Bus or Town Hall, please wear mask) and warm up for a minimum of 15 minutes before returning to the outside.
This type of weather brings an increased risk of hypothermia and frostbite
If you must go out, try to cover every part of your body: ears, nose, toes and fingers, etc. Mittens are better than gloves. Keep your skin dry and stay out of the wind when possible.
·       Drink plenty of fluids since hydration increases the blood’s volume, which helps prevent frostbite. 

·       Windburn is a condition in which the skin becomes red and painful after exposure to wind or cold air. Windburn symptoms are the same as sunburn symptoms and include red, burning, and sore skin that may peel off as it begins to heal. We recommend Vaseline or skin balm to protect your face from the extreme cold
Covid-19 Precautions:  We advise you and politely ask you and all members of your party to please wear masks ** no matter your vaccination status. Socially distance / Six feet apart inside or outside. KN95s and N95s are recommended.  
Warm Up Areas Include
Geiger Arena Inside: Food will be served, but we ask to please eat food OUTSIDE ONLY. We apologize for the inconvenience, but masks must be on at all times inside of the Geiger Arena due to the small space.
Restroom Access:  Due to Covid-19 the door to the restroom of the Geiger is only accessible from the outside. Masks are required in all indoor spaces
Little Bus: You must wear masks to warm up inside the “Little Bus” No food or drink permitted inside the Little Bus.
Town Hall: The Town Hall will be open from Noon until 6:30pm. The Town Hall is located at 1204 Main Street Long Lake. We will offer complimentary Hot Chocolate and Coffee, tables and much more room to spread out.
Due to the expected cold temperatures we may be scaling down events as needed. Order of events are subject to change without notice.  
Ice skates are available on a first come first served basis.  Hockey will be permitted only on one end of the rink. Helmets must be worn.


12:00 pm     Partly Cloudy-7 °F-23 °F
1:00 pm       Partly Cloudy-5 ° Feels like -20 °F
2:00 pm       Partly Cloudy-4 °Feels like -17 °F
3:00 pm       Partly Cloudy-3 °Feels like -17 °F
4:00 pm       Partly Cloudy-4 °Feels like -16 °F
5:00 pm       Mostly Clear-6 °Feels like -17 °F
6:00 pm       Clear-8 °Feels like -19 °F
7:00 pm       Clear-9 °Feels like -20 °F