Spring Conditions.

Banks have been pushed back on Sabattis and will be pushed back on North Point today.

No grooming happening due to warmer temps this week.

Raquette Lake will be rideable as long as there is snow.

Spring Conditions.

C7B Tupper Trail holding and good ride, definitely a best bet.

S86 Lake Eaton trail holding and good

C7B Newcomb Trail – snow holding and Tarbell Hill holds snow on sides / shelf .

Spring conditions. Anticipate weepholes along roadsides for drainage. Sabattis was pushed back on Monday, ice shelf remains.

Sleds did ride to town on Monday. Here’s a look.

Looks like that’s it for Sabattis Road. Haven’t seen it myself, but a report came in this morning that the banks are being pushed back, but the side of the road will have a side of ice left behind for now.

Kickerville Road has weep holes.

C7B Tupper Trail had it’s final groom this morning (Mon 3/20) and of course it’s perfect so trailer out to Route 30 to park and ride to get some isolated riding in. It is a beautiful expedition in the woods and one last ride sounds nice.

Looks like we are in for some spring conditions.


Sunday 3/19
64% Precip. / 0 in
Occasional snow showers. High 19F. Winds W at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 60%. Higher wind gusts possible.

All trails were groomed Thursday and Friday will now have 1-3 inches of fresh powder. Expect weep holes on roadsides including Kickerville and Rice Rd.

Interior trails C7B Tupper Trail is best bet for a ride today with 1-2 inches of fresh powder on trails.

75% Precip. / 0 in
Periods of snow. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 80%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.
All trails were groomed Thursday and Friday. Colder temps will be freezing the trails. Due to rain on Friday anticipate weep holes on roadsides to make road riding a challenge. Interior trails C7B Tupper Trail is best bet for a ride today.
Train tracks from Tupper down to Sabattis groomed on Sat 3/18

Happy St. Patricks Day.

Adirondack Hotel, ADK Trading Post, Long Lake Diner and Long View Lodge all serving St. Patrick’s Day meals and specials.

Saturday, March 18th – Ceilidh (pronounced KayLee) Live Irish Band and food sold at the Long Lake Town Hall 1pm-6pm, 1204 Main Street, across from the school. Come and go, restrooms available. Free!

Friday Update:

Raquette Lake – Wayne says, “It’s pretty nice”

Long Lake Trails

C7B Newcomb Trail being groomed on Friday before the warm up. Hoping it holds through Saturday.

C7B Steinfedlt all the way to Sabattis Tracks groomed Thursday 3/16 and in great condition. Guest rider, Darrin Harr just in off the trails on Friday 3/17 at 1pm says “it was awesome, golden!”

S80 Powerline to Forked Lake Road – groomed and good. North Point Road has snow/ice coverage and shelf today Thursday 3/16

S86 Freshly Groomed. Lake Eaton Campground and backside of Lake Eaton great.

NORTH POINT ROAD Thursday morning 3/16

S80 POWERLINE trail Thurs 3/16

Roads shelved on Kickerville, Sabattis and North Point. North Point had a good shelf with ample snow on Thursday 3/16 and should hold for weekend. Please note: Downtown sidewalks are bare, but here’s a map to help you get around to stay on snow paths as much as you can to get to Stewart’s Shops.

Thursday update.

Raquette Lake – Wayne says, “It’s set up so nice, it’s beautiful”  Excellent riding today. Ride while you can. Raquette Lake Trails are mint.

Long Lake Trails

C7B Steinfedlt all the way to Sabattis Tracks groomed Thursday 3/16 and in great condition.

S80 Powerline to Forked Lake Road – groomed and good. North Point Road has snow/ice coverage and shelf today Thursday 3/16

NORTH POINT ROAD Thursday morning 3/16

S80 POWERLINE trail Thurs 3/16

Over a 16-18 inches of snow accumulation on all trails. Plenty of snow to ride, groomers will get to trails as fast as they can. Enjoy this late season gift!  It will take us some time to get through all the trails so be patient and we’ll post more specific trail updates as the groomers roll back in later this morning, early afternoon.

Wayne rolled in early this morning  to report in Raquette Lake the Brown’s Tract Road is great, terrific, excellent. The dump road will be fixed up more this afternoon, but overall we have great riding.  Accumulation in Raquette Lake about 16-18 inches.

Opie just off of C7B Newcomb Trail this Wed 3/15/23. Reports definitely the best groom of the season and will definitely be a good ride today. About 18 inches to 2 feet of snow in most spots along the trail.
S86 Lake Eaton Campground Loop and S86 Backside of Lake Eaton are groomed this morning. C7B Tupper Trail was groomed yesterday, but expect more snow cover on the trail. Sabattis Shelf  will likely have some big snow balls along the roadway. Groomer will get back out there tomorrow.
Roadsides have big snowbanks and will be cut, but be aware it takes time and you may be navigating some ungroomed sections of trail and roadsides may not be shelved yet. Thanks to all our Town, County Highway and Parks and Rec Crews for their non-stop efforts in moving the snow and grooming.

Weather on Wed

Cloudy with snow showers mainly during the morning. High near 30F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 60%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.

Over a foot of snow accumulation on all trails. Groomers were out on C7B Newcomb Trail and C7B Sabattis Trail early Tuesday as the snow started to fly. Plenty of snow to ride, groomers will get to trails as fast as they can, but plenty of snow to ride and enjoy this late in the season!

Monday Night –
99% Precip. / 4 in
Periods of snow. Low 29F. Winds light and variable. Chance of snow 100%. 3 to 5 inches of snow expected.

Cloudy with snow. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s. Winds NNE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 100%. Snow accumulating 5 to 8 inches.

Groomers hit the C7B Tupper Trail and Lake Eaton Loop on Monday.

C7B Newcomb Trail and Sabattis Road will be groomed on Tuesday morning, but expect snow coverage 4-8 inches on top of a groomed base on Tuesday.

Sat 3/11 Got an inch of fresh snow covering everything overnight. That should help our spring like conditions and ease some of the pain of bare roads and ice packed shoulders. Interior trails are groomed. Newcomb Trail groomed Early Saturday morning. C7B Tupper Trail north to Sabattis is groomed.

Hamilton County Highway crew started cutting the bank on North Point Road as there is one grader in the entire county and it is shared amongst all the towns and in order to gear up for spring and mud season, banks are cut back mid-March to get ready for the winter melt and protect our roads. Our Highway crews are diligent and work with us all season long to extend the season as long as possible.

Also – our town & county roads are considered snowmobile trails which are used by snowmobiles and property owners. There is often a question as to why we don’t have an alternative route off or North Point Road off the road. Please note: The State of New York owns most of the land along North Point Road and we do have any access or ability to garner permission to cut a trail along the side of the road in the woods on NY State Land. So if you think we do this on purpose, we don’t.

The photos attached are from Thursday 3/9 and Friday 3/10/23.

Best bet for the weekend, trailer to a trail head and avoid sidewalks and roads, because they are bare.

Roadsides are spring like conditions. Use interior trails wherever available.

Wooded and interior trails have decent snow coverage, some bumps and some spots thin when the sun beats down.

C7B Sabattis Road Groomed Friday.

C7B Newcomb Trail will be groomed overnight Friday to Saturday.

C7B Tupper Trail Good.

Raquette Lake Trails are good.

Gearing up for the weekend.

C7B Newcomb Trail – groomed Thursday – bumpy in spots, thin in spots. Hemlock that was hanging over the trail is now gone. This section of trail is lacking snow, so we do the best we can with what we’ve got.

Tarbell Hill shoulders rideable – definitely some bumps on the roadside, but decent shelf/snow coverage.

S80 Powerline Trail – groomed Thursday. Icy in spots

S80 – North Point Road – roadside shelved and flat on Thursday. Expect bumps in spots. Roadsides are Spring like conditions, but there’s enough to go on and off roadsides as you pick your way to Raquette Lake Connector Trail.

C7B Tupper Trail – was groomed on Thursday 3/9 and will be groomed again on Saturday 3/11

S86 – Lake Eaton Campsite Loop – groomed Thursday 3/9

C7B – Sabattis Road will be groomed on Friday 3/10 and checked again on Saturday 3/11.

S80 – Forked Lake Road – tree down, but trail its passable, just keep eyes open, there’s a trail around the tree. Forked Lake Road will be groomed  on Friday, March 10th.

C8- Raquette Lake Trails – Trails good. Uncas good on the Raquette Lake side and rough on the Eagle Bay end – that end by Eagle Bay section of Uncas is maintained by Inlet Highway Dept.

7th Lake Mt Trail to Sagamore Road is bumpy. Sorry, we aren’t legally allowed to groom this section of trail… but people are riding it.

Weather: Wed 03/08
50% / 0.1 in

Mainly cloudy with snow showers around this morning. High 26F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 50%.

C7B Tupper Trail groomed on Monday March 6th. Conditions holding on and good.

C7B Newcomb Trail was groomed on Sunday post weekend. Look for grooming to happen on Wed.

S80 Powerline groomed on Sunday. Some dirt mixed with on connection down to Long View Lodge

North Point Road shelved.

Rails from Sabattis to Norridgewok are rideable, showing some rail where sun has hit it, but two local riders hit it yesterday and said “it wasn’t too bad”

RL Spur Trail to North Point is rough, but it’s short, the pain will be short-lived. This trail spur will bring you to North Point Road, which you can ride on the cut banks all the way up to S80 Powerline Trail crossing NYS Route 30 and use this trail all the way to Mt. Sabattis/South Hill Road to hop on spur trail into Stewart’s Shops for gas and other services in town.

Use shoulders/banks where available.

Raquette Lake Trails Good.

Beautiful week slated for the books. Still plenty of snow cover, thin where sunshine hit the trails on exposed areas, but wooded trails are good to great.

C7B Tupper Trail groomed on Monday March 6th.

C7B Newcomb Trail was groomed on Sunday post weekend. Will be groomed again Wed or Thursday. Stay tuned. Anticipate some bumps in the middle section where it narrows and with riding.

S80 Powerline groomed on Sunday.

North Point Road shelved.

RL Spur Trail to North Point is rough, but it’s short, the pain will be short-lived. This trail spur will bring you to North Point Road, which you can ride on the cut banks all the way up to S80 Powerline Trail crossing NYS Route 30 and use this trail all the way to Mt. Sabattis/South Hill Road to hop on spur trail into Stewart’s Shops for gas and other services in town.

Use shoulders/banks where available.

Raquette Lake Trails Good.

Beautiful week slated for the books. Still plenty of snow cover. Bright sunshine likely impact roads quickly and any exposed areas, but wooded trails are great.

C7B Tupper Trail groomed on Monday March 6th.

C7B Newcomb Trail was groomed on Sunday post weekend

S80 Powerline groomed on Sunday post weekend.

Raquette Lake Trails Good.

Sunday Morning report.

Raquette Lake .. not too bad, too warm for the snow to stick to the ice. We have “snirt” in places.

S80 Powerline is smooth from Geiger to Emerson Road. Anticipate S80 stretching from Long View Lodge to North Point Road to  get choppy quick today. It has a lot of dirt mixed into the snow.

C7B Newcomb groomed. The worst moguls were in the middle section of the trail which is where they always are.

Variable clouds with snow showers. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 60%.

More updates pending.

Saturday March 4th, 2023. Long Lake & Raquette Lake. Overnight groomer was out on both C7B Newcomb Trail and S80 Powerline trail and 2nd groomer was out on  C7B Tupper Trail .Snowfall between 4 – 5 inches of fresh snowfall and temps around 30 degrees throughout the day.  Temps around 30 degrees throughout the day. North Point Road has plenty of snow cover to get you from Raquette Lake Spur Trail all the way to Long Lake S80 Powerline Trail on the road. This will be shelved when there is time, but for now use roadsides and shoulders.Raquette Lake Trails were groomed this morning. Great wintry day for riding. Get it done!

Saturday:  Lunch served at the Adirondack Hotel, Long Lake Diner, ADK Trading Post and the Long View Lodge and in Raquette Lake at the Raquette Lake Tap Room.

Gas available at Stewart’s Shops in Long Lake – access via sidewalks, spur trails and off Long Lake Ballfield short cut.
Gas available at Raquette Lake Supply.

It’s Friday, March 3rd and the sun is shining. Hard to believe we are anticipating snow overnight, current forecast anticipates between 8-12 inches of snow for our area overnight. Groomers will be going out overnight on S80 Powerline and back to C7B Newcomb Trail to work with our new snowpack. More news tomorrow.

C7B – Sabattis Road to Train Tracks – Shelf groomed and good.

C7B North from Steinfeldt to Sabattis known as Tupper Trail groomed Thursday. Conditions good to excellent.

C7B Newcomb Trail groomed Thursday. Good. Thin and bumpy in some areas of the trail when it narrows and is wooded.

S86 Lake Eaton Campground Loop and Backside of Lake Eaton to Endion Road. Fair. Mixed conditions, thin snowpack in the woods, expect some water and mud holes  along this route. More snow coming Friday into Saturday, anticipate conditions to improve, but as this is a secondary trail it will be groomed after our main corridors are groomed.

Raquette Lake Trails are good.

An excellent trail review posted by ilsnow.com from a Wednesday Ride – LINK HERE –  traveling from Indian Lake to Moose River Plains , 7th Lake to Browns Tract to Raquette Lake to North Point Road, S80 Powerline into downtown Long Lake and onto C7B Jim Bird Spur and Newcomb Trail.  Thank you Darrin for the report and for giving us a shout out and riding our trails twice in one week!

Weather Outlook

Thursday: Cloudy. Snow showers developing this afternoon. Morning high of 38F with temps falling to near 30. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 40%.

Friday: A mix of clouds and sun in the morning followed by cloudy skies during the afternoon. Watching a potential winter storm. Snow likely. Low around 25F. Winds ESE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 100%. 8 to 12 inches of snow expected. ** (always an estimate!) High 36F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday: Watching a potential winter storm. Snow during the morning will give way to lingering snow showers during the afternoon. High 32F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 90%. 1 to 3 inches of snow expected

C7B Newcomb Trail from Tarbell Hill – groomed on Wed.

C7B Tupper Trail to Sabattis – good. Groomed on Tuesday.

S80 Power Line/shelves on North Point to RL Spur Trail good and groomed. Some traffic has been on trail.

S86 Lake Eaton Campground and Backside to Endion Road groomed. Very thin. Not great. Mud and rocks.

Raquette Lake Trails good.

Tuesday 2.28 – Groomers have returned after grooming C7B roadside shelf along Sabattis and S80 Powerline Trail and shelf along North Point Road. Raquette Lake Trails good to go.
Photo shows North Point Road shelf after grooming on Tuesday. As long as there is snow and good temps, Long Lake Parks and Recreation will be out grooming the trails during week and on weekends.
Mon 2.27 – C7B Newcomb Trail groomed and good after weekend. C7B Tupper Trail from Kickerville to Sabattis groomed and good.  Raquette Lake Trails 10 out of 10.
1. Photo of North Point Road Shelf S80 taken on Tuesday 2.28
2. Photo of C7B Newcomb Trail on Monday morning before grooming.

Cold temperatures overnight dropped below zero and will climb throughout the day reaching a high of 17.  Going to be a great day of riding! Hope to see you!

Trails are in good conditions with about 5 -7 inches of snow cover on hard packed base. Caution with ice on corners.

Overnight reports from Raquette Lake trails are 10 out of 10. Trails in good condition.

S86 Lake Eaton Campground Loop groomed Saturday morning.

C7B Newcomb Trail was groomed on Thursday & Friday.

C7B Tupper Trail all the way to Sabattis is groomed.

S80 Powerline was packed on Friday.

Roadsides on North Point & Sabattis, Kickerville & Tarbell Hill are shelved.

Wayne Reports on Friday 2/24 Trails in Raquette are in excellent shape. Take a ride.

C7B Newcomb Trail groomed on Thursday 2/23 – Good 5-6 hard pack, firmed up over night with a slick glaze on the surface that will wear down thru the day.

C7B Tupper Trail from Steinfeldt to Sabattis Good.

C7B Sabattis Road will be groomed today – Friday.

Get the riding in while you can.. now that winter has finally started.. we’re open.

Winter’s BACK! Looks about 5-8 inches in and around fell. Since the groomers are just going out this morning, I don’t have an actual update quiet yet.  We have 70 miles of trails and our crews are out getting things open, but it usually takes a day and 1/2 to get all the main arteries back up. So we are working on it. I’ll know more when they come in later this afternoon. I’ll update as I get the word. Welcome back winter! So if you get to a trail that isn’t groomed, use common sense and it’s always.. ride at your own risk.


Thursday – C7B Tarbell Hill Road to Newcomb/ County Line Groomed today.

Thursday – C7B from Steinfeldt Road to Sabattis Road Groomed. Sabattis Shelf to be groomed on Friday 2/24.

Thursday – Raquette Lake Trails groomed. Seeing some sled traffic.

Forecast –90% Precip. / 2 in
Snow this evening will give way to lingering snow showers late. Areas of freezing rain possible. Low 8F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 90%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

HIGH 11 °F
24% Precip. / 0 in
Overcast. A few flurries or snow showers possible. High 11F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.

Wayne says about Raquette Lake Trails… “Trails slicker, mud puddles, ice holes and stones. Other than that it was an Aprilaryday”

Not great.. more snow next week! Stay tuned.

Not much change. Still have a 4-6 inch base in the woods, no new snow. North Point Road, Sabattis, Tarbell and Kickerville are holding on to their trail/shelf. Roads & sidewalks are bare. C7B linking Kickerville/Steinfeldt up to Sabattis is your best bet along C7B. Use trailer parking lot on NYS Route 30 Tupper Road to park trailer and explore this linkage. Then come in for lunch!

Long Lake, NY Saturday 2/11/23. Overnight – Groomer was out on C7B from Kickerville/Steinfeldt to Sabattis with one inch of fresh snow. All other trails open and have 2-4 inch icy base with dusting of snow. Use shelves on roadsides, anticipate spring like conditions on roadsides.

Long Lake Trails are open have 2-4 inch base in most locations, with ice. Anticipating about one inch of snow on Friday. Use shelves/banks, sides of roads. C7B Tupper Trail is good, logging roads, has decent snow pack out towards shelf on Sabattis Road.

Long Lake Trails are holding up despite the weather. Sadly on Thur 2/9 we are getting some rain and it is slated to turn to snow on Friday. Trail Conditions are smooth, fair to good considering the amount of snow and expect icy conditions. Most trails are staying flat.  Riders are riding the rails north to Tupper and South – there are tracks and snow for the most part is covering the rails that we can see at Sabattis. No report on the actual grooming, but they are being used to get around.

C7B Sabattis Road groomed on Wed 2/8. Smooth. Thanks Hamilton County Highway for following us up the road!

S86 Lake Eaton Campground Loop – groomed on Thursday 2/9

S80 Powerline to North Point & Forked Lake Road groomed Tues 2/8. Road surface is hard packed, but shoulders are shelved and have snow cover.

Photos below of Power Line and Forked Lake Road (scroll down for more info on C7B Newcomb Trail & pics)

C7B Newcomb Trail groomed Wed 2/8. Fair to good considering traffic and amount of snow. Cleaned up from weekend. Here are some highlight photos from Wed. And don’t be scared of the weather, we have snow cover on our trails.

View of Newcomb Trail

Weather: Today 02/08

Cloudy skies this morning will become partly cloudy this afternoon. A few flurries or snow showers possible. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.

Get riding in!

S80 from Forked Lake Road to Power Line Trail groomed on Tuesday. Fair to good. Powerline is a little thin.

C7B – Newcomb Trail groomed today, Wednesday. We know it was rough for the riders yesterday, but he’s out there today doing what he can. Same groomer that grooms Forked Grooms Newcomb Trail and that’s over 35 miles of trail, so he just can’t be in two places at once. It’s not an excuse, just a reality. So We are getting to it today to help smooth out the rides for everyone.

C7B North Tupper Trail to Sabattis Road will be groomed today.

All other trails are in fair to good shape. We are battling the elements. While we do anticipate the weather on Thursday we also see snow flurries coming on Friday & Saturday, so we’ll be out cleaning up and making it work. As long as we have cold temps at night, we can hold the base.

Here’s some pics from Forked Lake on Tuesday.

Snow to fall Tuesday to Wed. Anticipate about 1 inch. We’ll take it. Every little morsel counts.

C7B Kickerville to John Dillon Park was groomed on Monday. Looking for C7B to Sabattis groomed on Wed.

s80 Powerline to Forked will be groomed today.

C7B Newcomb Trail currently marginal. Trail will be groomed on Wed after we get a little snow on Tuesday and Wed early.  Anticipate ice and bumps in corners and rough sections as the weekend riding thinned out the base.

Raquette is good to go.

We have about 4-6 inches of base with nary a thin layer of snow.



Partly cloudy early then becoming cloudy with periods of snow this afternoon. Some mixed winter precipitation possible. High 33F. Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 70%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.

Tonight  02/07

Occasional snow showers. Low around 25F. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 60%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.


Tomorrow 02/08

Cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High around 30F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

The arctic freeze has departed, we’re looking at Partly cloudy this morning, then becoming cloudy during the afternoon. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.

Didn’t have a lot of traffic yesterday, so anticipate the trails are holding up pretty well with some wear and tear on corners and some open water holes now that it’s warmed up a bit.

4-8 inch base with 2-3 inches of snow cover on most trails. Riders have let us know they’ve been “pleasantly surprised” with the trails. So.. ride! Have a great day!

All trails good. 4-8 inches base with 2-4 inch snow cover on top.All trails open and good.

C7B Tarbell to Newcomb Trail groomed, C7B Kickerville to Sabattis Road Groomed. There is still some bumps and water holes on the trail along some wooded sections. Just take it easy in those spots.

Sabattis road has a shelf, groomed on Tuesday, with 3-6 inches of snow cover on top of the shelf.

S80 North Point Road from RL Spur to Powerline – shelved on Thursday, good. Snow covered.

Raquette Lake Trails are good to go.

All Town Roads are snowmobile trails. Use sidewalks when roads/trails aren’t available. Currently covered with ice with a thin layer of hardback snow on top. Check out maps on this page for linkages and shortcuts to avoid sidewalks. Access now open on the Long Lake Ball Field next to Long Lake Diner to help riders get up on sidewalk to get to Diner, Hoss’s and Stewart’s. There is sidewalk riding along this section.

Weather Update: 2 inches of fresh snow fell overnight. Covers the trails which was needed.  We have mostly cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High -9F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.  It’s cold. Be smart, safe and bundle up appropriately. Tonight Bitterly cold. Considerable clouds early. Some decrease in clouds late. Low -24F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.


Overall trails are good with 2 inches of fresh snow cover.

S80 North Point Road is shelved, some places both sides, north side is shelved the entire length.

S80 Power Line Trail groomed Thursday.

C7B Dock Road – Jim Bird – Tarbell Hill to Newcomb Trail being groomed Friday morning.

C7B Kickerville – Steinfeldt to Sabattis is holding up flat and great.

S86 Lake Eaton Campground and Loop Good. 

Raquette Lake. Good to go. Ride the 7th Lake Mountain Trail connecting to Inlet and Moose River Plains.

For more detail and description read 2/2 Trail Updates – more in-depth.

Long Lake Diner Open at 7:30am serving Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
ADK Trading Post Open at 10am – Hot Soup/Hot Panini’s and Groceries
Ali Babas Liquors Open
Hoss’s Country Corner – Open today and LIVE BAIT. Warm Clothes, socks, gloves, and everything else
Adirondack Hotel – Open at Noon Serving Lunch and Dinner
Long View Lodge – Open for dinner on Friday and Lunch on Saturday!
Raquette Lake Tap Room – Open Daily* Get insider scoop on trails
Stewart’s Shops – Open Daily / Gas!

Need maps?  Check out 1130 Deerland Road – Long Lake Town Offices – We have a 24 hour brochure room with MAPS and info on the area.

Happy Groundhog Day. Honestly, I don’t even know what the groundhog said, but I hope he said.. send more winter!

Tonight, Thursday 2/2 the weather forecast says Snow this evening will taper off and give way to cloudy skies late. A burst of heavy snow is expected. Low -13F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 80%. Snowfall around 1-3 inches. We’ll take it!

All Long Lake, NY & Raquette Lake trails are groomed and good with some ice on the corners. Waiting for word from BRASS & Childwold to find out how the rails to Sabattis are.  The shelf to Sabattis is beautiful, so if you want to just enjoy a day trip from Long Lake, hop on C7B north along Kickerville Road to Lake Eaton north to Sabattis. We are happy our Kickeville Road to Lake Eaton connection is re-opened this season along Steinfedlt Road. Check it out!  Lots of quiet scenery to enjoy the great outdoors and some great logging road riding along this section.

C7B the Newcomb Trail from Tarbell Hill Road is good until you get into the Pickwacket area of the trail closer to Newcomb. Just thin in spots, so just bear with the conditions. Our thin is still pretty good, just a bit rough here and there, but with colder temps heading into Friday, we think we will see an improvement.  Coming from Newcomb, ride Tarbell Hill, down to Jim Bird to the “Spur” trail linking to NYS DEC campground. We strongly advise using our designated trails to get you to Downtown Long Lake and services.

Looking for a short loop, the Lake Eaton Loop S86 travels through the Lake Eaton Campground, if you want a longer trip, check out the backside of Lake Eaton linking up to Endion Road. It’s scenic, a windy, wooded trails with a variety of conditions, but it’s been groomed and its rideable. Just be prepared that it’s a more rugged wooded trail than some of our others.

S80 North Point Road from Raquette Lake Spur to Power Line trail is snow covered and good. Heed signs and stay on the road, cross NYS Route 30 and hop on the Power Line which was groomed on Wed. Shelves were cut on Thursday.

Raquette Lake Trails are good to go. Wayne says “thanks for the lightbulbs, I can see again” (When our crew isn’t out grooming, they replace lightbulbs)  Thanks!

Happy February. Well we got some nice cold temps which always helps the base.

C7B Tarbell Hill to Newcomb Trail groomed on Tues. Good, BUT there are some water holes along that trail but we hope they will freeze up with these colder temps. But overall good conditions except for the water holes sprinkled throughout. Some ice in the corners. USE JIM BIRD SPUR TO DEC STATE BOAT PARKING LOT get to Downtown Long Lake.

S80 Powerline which keeps you SAFELY ON LAND… and brings you to town is being groomed on Wed

S80 North Point Road to RL Spur Trail. Will be shelved again on Wed or Thursday. Use shelf where you can. Road is snow-covered and good. Banks are soft so use caution. Ride this ENTIRE ROAD to the S80 Power Line Trail – this will cross NYS Route 30 to get you to Power Line and eventually Downtown Long Lake for gas.

Sabattis Road C7B – John Dillon Park – groomed on Tues. Beautiful conditions. Norridgewok reports they groomed on Saturday to Sabattis along the tracks from Beaver River. Thin and rail showing.

S86 Lake Eaton Campground Loop being groomed today, Wed.

Raquette Lake Trails – Good – Uncas/Browns Tract and Dillon Road

7th Lake Mt. Trail is OPEN but we aren’t allowed to groom it this season.  This trail connector off of Sagamore Road in Raquette Lake connects to Inlet and Moose River Plains. Ride it while you can.

We had some snow Monday evening into Tuesday overnight to cover the trails about 1-2 inches in fluffy white snow cover. Trails are still in good shape, for a thin winter.

On Monday the S86 Lake Eaton Campground Loop was groomed. Today, Tuesday, Lake Eaton to Sabattis will be groomed. Rails are thin, BRASS groomed to Sabattis on Saturday night.

C7B Long Lake to Newcomb Trail groomed on Tuesday. Overall good conditions. Colder temps solidifying the base which is good news, expect icy corners and some dirt patches here and there.

ROAD Rides – Expect roadsides to have snow cover, but expect moguls and bumps along roadsides – our local highway departments work throughout the week to get them flattened and cleaned up. All roads have snow cover and rideable banks. Sidewalks a little thin and icy in spots. Some snow cover, not all. It got worn away over weekend, expect icy surface.

Raquette Lake Trails good. Expect feeder Uncas paved section to be thin, but improves as you head to Raquette end of the trail. Expect it to be icy in spots and corners, but over all a good rideable ride.

What’s Open today, Tuesday, 1/31/2023

Raquette Lake Tap Room  & Raquette Lake Supply for Gas- Open Tuesday
Adirondack Hotel on Long Lake – Open Tuesday at noon
Stewart’s Shops in Long Lake, – Open
ADK Trading Post – Open 10am until 3pm
Ali Babas Liquors – Open

It’s Monday after our first weekend of the season.  Trails are open, rideable. Expect dirt on inside turns and bumps along the sides of the roads. We are getting our groomers out mid-week after we get some snow, to clean out and smooth out the trails, but overall trails are rideable. Shoulders on roads are a bit moguly , but get it in before the temp gets super cold… cold snap and arctic front heading our way!

Sunday 1/29/23
Great to see sleds back in Long Lake & Raquette Lake yesterday.

Weather – we are expecting snow on Sunday morning. Then next week.. we get consistently cold temps  and then snow returns next weekend. That’s good news!

Raquette Lake is good to go. Enjoy the trails. Wayne says hi!

Expect Long Lake trails today (Sunday) to be beat up. Roadsides are shelved, but likely soften and bumpy from the volume of traffic. Sidewalks are getting a little thin too and there will definitely be rough patches around. We’ll get those cleaned up after tonights weather and get them back and flat for you, but not happening before this morning’s breakfast ride… sorry!

Best access to get to Long Lake town from North Point Road – use the road shelf the ENTIRE way (for instance we say don’t go NEAR that campground, canoe carry or that campground road as they are currently closed )  But you can hop on the S80 Powerline Trail to get to downtown Long Lake. This trails helps you avoid the lake. Also… how to get to Stewarts for gas .. well the Power Line S80 ends at Mt. Sabattis. Riders can go UP around South Hill Road and then hang a left to a little spur that spits you out in back of the Long Lake Town Offices and now you are next to Stewarts and you’ve avoided sidewalk riding.  If you want to head north – USE the sidewalk across from the Adirondack Hotel to cross the bridge and head up Rice Road.. to Kickerville. Not ideal.. we know.. but that’s how you get across the lake. On roads. Go on Adirondacks USA and download their ap

Google Play
Apple Store
and that too will show you these shortcuts to avoid sidewalk riding.  Our businesses very much appreciate your patronage, like hugely.. so thank you!

We also suggest you join the following two groups linked below. There are often updates on Long Lake conditions that maybe we don’t talk about.. so check those out for local knowledge.

Facebook Northern Adirondack Snowmobile Trail Conditions  AND

Facebook Snowmobile Trail Conditions Big Moose/Old Forge & Inlet

Raquette Lake is hosting Mike Norris Fishing Derby Today, Sat 1/28. Local trails Uncas/Browns and Dump/Dillon Road are good.

Long Lake Trails are open, not everything is groomed. Expect thin, marginal conditions in the woods.

North Point Road is shelved, expect edges to soften as the day wears on.  Stay on North Point Road and S80 Powerline trail to access Long View Lodge, use the Road side feeder trail to go to Long View Lodge.

C7B – Newcomb Trail was groomed on Friday, expect conditions to get thin as the day goes on, but 2-4 inches of snow cover, on a thin base. Tarbell banks shelved Friday – thin, use when you can

C78 – Kickerville / Steinfeldt / to Lake Eaton/ Tupper Trail North to Sabattis Groomed Fri 1/27 with 6-8 inches of snow cover. –  Kickerville banks shelved Friday.

S86 Lake Eaton Loop – backside of Lake Eaton – groomed Thursday, could use more snow, and expect some open & running water in spots.

Gas available at Stewarts. Live Bait available at Hoss’s.

Photo from C7B Tupper Trail taken Friday 1/27 – 8 inches of snow pack

All conditions are early season and ride at your own risk. If a trail hasn’t been groomed, be very cautious for hidden obstacles, rocks, mud, water and unanticipated obstacles. Not all trails are groomed yet, but everything is open and ride at your own risk. Expect 2-4 inches on thin base. Some areas of our trails have more snow than others. Logging roads are always the best bet, you can find those out on the Tupper Trail section C7B north of town off Kickerville. Use sidewalks to connect in town when trails and roadsides aren’t available. It’s not ideal, but its the best we’ve got.

Long Lake received about 2-4 inches of snow on Thursday.

C7B Newcomb Trail is being groomed Fri 1/27. Expect 2-4 on very thin base* stay tuned for update – groomer not back yet 11:56am.   Tarbell Hill to Jim Bird Spur was checked on Thursday and ready for riders.

S80 Powerline has snow cover, but hasn’t been groomed, but this is how to get to the Long View Lodge, Mt. Sabattis and Downtown Long Lake.  Use this trail all the way to town off of North Point Road. Road Banks being shelved

C7B Tupper Trail  groomed Friday 1/27. Expect 8 inches of snow.

s86 Backside of Lake Eaton – groomed Thursday

First time out, so go gentle on us. We have less snow than we expected, but we are working with what we’ve got.  The trail from Kickerville/Steinfedlt (NEW FOR 2023) to connect up to the Lake Eaton connector to the campground or Tupper Trail to Sabattis is now open. This is a spur trail that crosses private property and is new and we are happy to have sledders come into town via Kickerville Road again! Please take your time on the town roads. Highway crews are working to shelve all area roadsides.

We do not comment on waterways or lakes.

Raquette Lake Trails are ready to go. 2-4 on thin base. Uncas/Brown’s Tract and Dump / Dillon Road are open and groomed daily.

Here’s a look at a our re-routed new spur trail. Thanks to our crews for building this out this fall and to our property owner for letting us ride.

Long Lake trails received between 2-4 inches on top of 0 inches of base.  Snow was dense, and packy and the temp was too warm after the snow fell to send out the drags, so we have not dragged any trails yet.  On Thursday we sent one groomer out to backside of Lake Eaton s86 connecting to Endion Road to open it up and clear debris. The other groomer has cleared out the C7B Newcomb Trail from Tarbell Hill Road to Newcomb C7B, but it has not been dragged yet. Temps will drop on Friday morning and the goal is to drag the trail when conditions allow  so check back tomorrow. All trails are open, but please expect trails to be thin and marginal. Expect streams, and rocks and early season conditions as we have no base yet.

Raquette Lake Trails are open, groomed, thin in spots. Wayne says… “I went out this morning to look for twigs” Tomorrow will be colder. Raquette Lake Ice Fishing Derby on Saturday, Jan 28th.

Raquette Lake Trails – Wayne says “scratchy and no puddles”   Riders are coming in on the Dillon Road aka Dump Road and via Uncas/Browns Tract.

Long Lake Trails – working on getting them open for the weekend. Everything is “open” and groomers are out cleaning and gearing, but marginal. We are not dragging trails in Long Lake yet as we need more snow in the woods.

Wed 1/25 – anticipated snowfall is 5 inches.. so fingers crossed for 10.

We got about 2 inches of snow overnight in the Long Lake area with a little more accumulation in Raquette Lake. Long Lake Crews are taking groomers out Tuesday / Wednesday to get the trails opened up, but they will not be dragging until we get more snow cover. We are monitoring conditions, as it is still thin in the woods, but the goal is to get the main arteries opened up for the weekend. Snow looks likely Wednesday into Thursday with range of 5 inches or so and then 1 inch of snow a day after that. We always hope for more!  Raquette Lake trailswill be groomed, it’s thin and still needs more snow. Don’t we always? So stay tuned, as the groomers make the rounds about Long Lake we will keep you updated. Have about 3 inches of loose snow on top of a very barely-there base, but lets see what happens tomorrow.

Well, it snowed. But not quite enough to put the big machines out on the trails. There’s more hope in Raquette this weekend. Wayne has been out and he did a loop on the Raquette Lake section of trail, but as he describes… “tis very very thin”

Long Lake has yet to go out to groom. We got about 1-3 inches of snow on top of slush and mud-holes.  Keeping an eye on the weather next week and there seems to be hope. Snow is slated for mid-week and temperatures start to drop over the weekend of the 28th just in time for the Mike Norris Ice Fishing Derby in Raquette Lake. So be patient, we are!

We are still waiting for our regular snowmobile season to kick in. We are in the midst of our January thaw. Typically in Long Lake we see the season kick into high gear the last week of January. We have cold temps overnights which is good for our brooks and streams. Our crew is ready, so as soon as the snow flies we will be out there. But for now, we wait, we simply don’t have any coverage. Rain expected Thursday night switching to snow on Friday. Long Lake Winter Carnival will be happening on Saturday, January 14th at noon with fireworks at Mt. Sabattis at 6pm. This event happens no matter the weather, so join us for some of the fun, or all of the fun and support your favorite little town in the Adirondacks! Live music on Friday at the Long View Lodge. Lobster Rolls at the ADK Trading Post. Ice Sculpture Garden at Mt. Sabattis during Winter Carnival day and live music with Altered Tones at 6pm Saturday night at the Long Lake Diner and featuring delicious Mexican Night.  Eric Peter will be performing Saturday night at 8pm at the Adirondack Hotel. The Long Lake Little Bus rolls at 5pm on Sat Jan 14th – free transportation around town. 518-524-3106

Trails are currently ride at your own risk. It is early, and there is little to no base in the woods. Anticipate rocks, stumps, and hidden obstacles along wooded trails, as well as fallen limbs from storm event on Friday 12/23.  Routine daily grooming has not officially commenced. Last week groomers were out clearing debris and starting to pack S80 (Power Line section) and also packing a re-opened section of C7B from Kickerville/Steinfeldt/Lake Eaton to John Dillon Park.  A small one-man crew will be heading out on Tues 12.27 to assess damage and clear debris from 12/23 wind/rain events.

We have good news and bad news. The good news, snow is expected Friday into Saturday. The bad news is, the woods lost the base, there is some still out there, but, not enough to merit sending the groomers back out to clean it up and groom.

So grooming in Long Lake, NY grooming is done. Jury is still out in Raquette Lake.

Overall, the trails will be rated “Spring Conditions” even with fresh snow. Everything will be ride at your own risk expecting 8 inches of snow coming on Saturday. Now if I know Wayne in Raquette and there is something to groom on Saturday, he may just get to it. But this webmaster is taking a break and heading off to Buffalo for a family event (ok a funeral). so if Wayne grooms, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself, because I’m going to take some time and come back next week and won’t be able to update you. Hope that is ok for everyone!

Be well, thank you so much for your patronage this season. The best surprise for us, was the mid-week riders. We’ve always strived to amp up our traffic mid-week, and this year it paid off. So for those riders who made it happen, thank you and please know we groom all season, seven days a week, until it’s over – which is right about now.

And join the Moonlighters Snowmobile Club. They will be hosting a St. Patricks Day dinner at the Long Lake Diner on Saturday, March 12th so come on up and have a bite to eat! Buffet opens at 5:30pm. $25 all you can eat!

Ride Right, Be well, stay safe and thank you!

Well… we had a great weekend. But then it rained. So… the snow is melting fast. If we get a blizzard between now and March 30th.. I’ll keep ya posted.

Groomer headed out Friday night to to C7B John Dillon Park/Tupper Trail/Sabattis Rd

Groomer just left to head to to C7B Newcomb Trail this morning.

Reports from Norridegwok/Beaver River confirm they groomed C7 Tracks Thursday 3/2.

C8 Raquette Lake Trails in good shape. Wayne says “better than good”

Conditions still holding and good.

Today S86 Lake Eaton Loop being groomed. Sabattis was groomed Wed and will be groomed again early Sat. Morning.

C7B Newcomb Trail being groomed this morning.

Wayne says… “Raquette Lake Trails are BETTER than Good.”

Great riding still happening here!  Stay on trails.

map of snowmobile trails
map of power line trail S80 for snowmobiles
Map of Raquette Lake Trails

To zoom in to Snowmobile Web Map enter zip codes:

Long Lake, NY Zip Code 12847
Raquette Lake, NY Zip Code 13436

Our trails are on LAND not Lakes.

Thank you to our snowmobile partners who help keep our roadways open for snowmobile traffic this season. Special thanks to our highway department for filling in thin spots along area roadways.

Long Lake Highway will be cutting banks  Owls Head Lane, Tarbell Hill, Dock Road & Kickerville Road.

Hamilton County Highway crews will be cutting banks on North Point and Sabattis Road and they are doing a great job working with our crew!  Thank you.


We do NOT recommend riding on lakes.  Our groomed trail system does NOT CROSS LAKES.  Lakes are NOT part of our trail system.

Thanks to Inlet Barnstormers for their work on the Bug Lake Trail and other trails connecting to Raquette Lake Trail System.

Lodging available at Donnellys Sunset Point “The Lake House” The Adirondack Hotel & The Long View Lodge & & Motel Long Lake The Raquette Lake Hotel & Tap Room

GAS in Long Lake available at
Stewart’s Shops until 10pm

GAS  – Snowmobile Gas will be available at Raquette Lake Supply Company at the STORE PUMPS when the trails are passable — which means…

RL Supply Gas Hours ** subject to change without notice 315-354-4301
Mon-Friday 8am – 5pm
Sat 8am -5pm
Sun  12pm – 5pm

**depends on traffic & weather.

Raquette Lake Tap Room Open daily 7am daily except Sunday’s, open at Noon.

Grooming Equipment and Management of Trail Systems:

The Town of Long Lake manages the trails in Long Lake & Raquette Lake.

There are three pisten bully groomers –

2 in Long Lake
1 in Raquette Lake
2 snowmobiles in Raquette Lake with drags
1 snowmobile in Long Lake with a drag –

We move the equipment around depending on conditions. If equipment breaks down and is unavailable to do it’s normal “routine” we will put an alert on our trail conditions page if it impacts our trails.  But often times we are able to secure help or use alternative equipment to adjust if things aren’t working

Why are the trails not better marked with signage?  If you see a specific area needing signage, please let us know. We can’t fix it if we don’t know. We have two crew in Long Lake and one in Raquette Lake. They are in charge of brushing, grooming, maintaining their trails, but it is always appreciated to have input. Don’t complain, volunteer! We’d love to have you.  Please email longlake@mylonglake.com  This is a great way to give back to your community and support your local trail system.

The Town of Long Lake works with the Long Lake Highway Department in both Long Lake & Raquette Lake, and our Hamilton County Highway Department to help with all the roadsides and shelfing area roads.

Partnerships with other communities
We also have been rescued in emergencies, by the generosity of Newcomb’s trail groomer. The Town of Newcomb has always helped us out when needed and we appreciate the community shared services in emergencies and we would do the same for them.

The Inlet Barnstormers groom wooded trails around Raquette Lake including the 8th Lake & Bug Lake Trail and the continuation of the 7th Lake Mt. Trail and into the Moose River Plains.

The Beaver River Association grooms for Long Lake on the train tracks from Sabattis south for 12 miles.

Lots of coordination pulls all of this together in the Parks & Rec upstairs office. So there’s that to look after for over 70 miles of trails in our two communities. And grooming operations go on 7 days a week in the winter months.

See map for numbered parking lots.

1.      Park on NYS Route 30 Snowmobile Parking Lot.  Take NYS Route 30 road side – it’s 4-6 feet wide ice and snow on the road sides.  Cross NYS Route 30 into Number 5 Road and travel along GREAT snowmobile / freshly flat groomed trails on Friday March 23.  Take this trail to Lake Eaton Campsite- take the campsite loop and head back out to get your car, or ride around the backside of Lake Eaton to Owls Head.  See map for exact details.

2.     Park your trailer at Lake Eaton Campsite Entrance or in the inside of Lake Eaton (near the boat launch) to hop on a freshly groomed interior wooded trail around Lake Eaton.  You can also hop onto the C7B Tupper Trail heading north to the Number 5 Road or loop in towards Kickerville.  Please use caution on road sides.  We’ve left some snow – but it’s heavily traveled and can be hit or miss on the road sides.  Interior wooded trails are holding up.

3.     Park at the Owls Head Trail Head Parking Lot off of Endion Road in Long Lake NY.  Follow shoulder / road until you hang a right to access S86 – the backside of Lake Eaton Trail.  Take the backside all the way through to the Lake Eaton Campground, loop around.  There are two options that take you through the campground and get you turned around and back on the loop to get you back to your car.

4.     Park at the NYS Northville Placid Trail Head on NYS Route 28N and Tarbell Hill Road.  Access C7B Newcomb Trail here.  Groomed and flat, great condition until you get to Pickwacket Pond.  But still a great ride.

5.     Park at the NYS Boat Launch off of Dock Road in Long Lake to access spur trail to connect to Jim Bird Road/Tarbell Hill Road and the Newcomb Trail. Please note:  Trail is excellent until you hit Pickwacket Pond near the County Line – then expect spring conditions. But just turn around and come back to Long Lake.

6.     Park at the bottom lot of Mt. Sabattis and head up past the Ice Skating Rink to access S80 – The Power Line Trail.  This trail is flat and has seen very little traffic this week, so it’s a best bet.  Snap a picture of Long Lake from the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion.  You’ll have to turn around and head back into town before hitting North Point Road.  You can ride shoulders on North Point Road and visit Buttermilk Falls.  Leave your sleds in the parking area as the small path to the falls – is just that, a foot path.  Short hike to catch in the beauty of this scenic treasure.

7.     Municipal lot in Long Lake.  Free parking at the site of the old Highway Garage on Main St. Long Lake.  You can ride shoulders and sidewalks – but they are pretty bare at this point.  But this can get you into the center of town.  Stewart’s Shops is the place for Gasoline, so expect some scratchy road riding to access gas.