2023 Sexual Harassment Training. Required viewing for all Town of Long Lake Employees

Annual Safety Training 2023

The Town of Long Lake (Town), which includes Long Lake and Raquette Lake, NY, is committed to protecting the safety, health, and well-being of its employees and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations to maintain a safe workplace.

The Town complies with the PESH Act (Public Employee Safety and Health Bureau) which adopted and enforces safety and health standards promulgated under the United States Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and several New York State standards.  The PESH Act covers all New York State public sector employees.

All employees are expected to comply with all safety, health, and well-being program requirements, which include the following:
·       Conduct work activities in a safe manner.
·       Report all accidents immediately to your Supervisor and complete the required documentation.
·       Wear and maintain required personal protective equipment.
·       Report hazardous conditions or other safety and health concerns.
·       Attend required training and participate in the medical surveillance elements, if applicable.
Your Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that you have the proper equipment and training to perform your job in a safe manner.

·       All new or transferred employees (full, part-time, and seasonal, including elected officials) are provided Safety Orientation by their Supervisor on the first day of employment.  The Supervisor completes the New Employee Orientation Checklist and the employee signs the Checklist and the Job Description as acknowledgement of the training and understanding of the job requirements.
·       Annual Safety Training is provided in person to all full, part-time, and seasonal employees, including elected officials.  Topics covered include the major Safety Program elements as well as Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment Training.
·       Seasonal Employee Training (Summer) is provided to summer seasonal employees to address the specific safety hazards associated with their jobs.
·       Specialty training is provided by the Town Safety Coordinator or designee, as required and/or requested.
·       Supervisors are expected to provide some form of Safety Awareness Training each month and to document the training using the Safety Training Documentation form.  The Safety Coordinator provides suggested topics or the Supervisor uses resources in the Safety Manual that are relevant topics.

·       The current Safety Manual is available in your Supervisor’s office and contains the relevant Safety Programs, resources, and forms to support the Safety Program.
·       Resources – Click on the pdf or video to access the resources described below or check out the Safety Manual in your Supervisor’s Office:

New Hire Checklist

To be completed by Supervisor with New Employee on first day of work

Training Sign In

To be completed by Trainer for all Safety Training and forwarded to Town Officer

Bomb Scare

Administrative staff keep this form by your desk to use if you receive a suspicious call

Noise Training Awareness  

All employees in Highway, Water, and Park & Rec Departments should view. Required for Fireworks Technicians.

Hearing Conservation U-Tube Videohttps://youtu.be/Xz67mHD3TyY

Ear Protection video:  https://youtu.be/GrC5-s4CI64

Selecting Hearing Protection:  https://youtu.be/WmRDeleHLq0

Hearing Protection and Fireworks
Required for Fireworks Technicians annually


Lockout/Tagout Overview

All employees in Highway, Water, and Park & Rec Departments should view annually