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The Adirondacks and region offer trails around the area. Long Lake has backwoods trails for the adventurer and will soon have a small park all on its own.

This area boasts mixed terrain, trails through back trails and old logging roads through forest and and up and down elevations.

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Mountain Biking in Long Lake & Raquette Lake Area:

It is permissible to ride any marked trail in the Long Lake & Raquette Lake area except the Northville-Placid Trail and those trails crossing NY State Land classified as Wilderness, including the Whitney C. Wilderness Area. Please obey all NYSDEC signage.

The Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area offers an excellent opportunity for the Town of Long Lake to provide a high quality mountain bike riding experience for its community members and visiting recreationist. The location, terrain, park infrastructure and views all combine to provide the opportunity for the town to create an excellent recreation experience and new amenity.


START ME UP (.75km) An intermediate, TWO-WAY, machine-built trail beginning at the Northeast corner of the tennis courts. This flowy trail follows the terraced section of Mt Sabattis before winding through the woods and emerging in the Pavilion parking lot. Some features include a pump section, hair pin turns and a bridge crossing, and is equally fun riding in both directions.

LET IT LOOSE (.75km) A beginner, TWO-WAY, machine-built trail that is the perfect warmup or introductory mountain bike trail. This trail is slightly wider than the others and features both woods and field riding, including multiple bridges and rollers to help new riders work on basic mountain bike skills.

BLACK & BLUE (1.25km) An intermediate, TWO-WAY, machine-built trail traversing through woods and the fields. Slightly narrower trail than Let It Loose, expect higher speeds, tighter corners, and larger rollers than the beginner trails, but is still very approachable for novice bikers.

WAITING ON A FRIEND (.3km) A beginner, TWO-WAY, machine-built spur trail that branches off Black & Blue on east edge of the field. This trail is very flat and wide is a good spot to stop for a quick breather while riding, or a good spot to let the dog get a drink of water.

PAINT IT BLACK (1.25km) An expert, machine-built trail with two distinct sections. The first section is a TWO-WAY trail branching off Black & Blue climbing up Mt Sabattis as it winds through the woods, eventually crossing the field and entering the woods on the eastern side of the property before eventually merging with the Powerline/Northville-Placid Spur Trail. The second section starts as you emerge from the NPT Spur Trail and becomes a directional ONE-WAY downhill trail with a machine-built jump line featuring tabletops, step-ups, and a rock drop. All the features are rollable, but do not have any ride arounds.

Mt. Sabattis Mountain Bike Trails: Long Lake, New York

Trail map on Trailforks ap: Link Here

The Mt. Sabattis Mountain Bike Trails network has 2.67 miles of singletrack on nearly 70 acres of land. With four trails and a spur, they may be short, but the trails offer a great variety of rides, from wider bench cut trails with rollers, berms, and plenty of flow.

Trails include a climbing trail, an easy, family-friendly trail, intermediate and a technical expert trail which will have riders coming back for more.

Plans for phase 3 are underway for 2023.

Wilderness Property Management built the trails in 2021 and added 2k in 2022, and they refine them regularly to keep fans coming back.

Difficulty: Trails for all experience levels
Length: 2.67 miles / 4.3K on 70 acres of Town owned land.

McRorie Lake/Cedarlands – 


End of Kickerville Road in Long Lake, NY Limited Opening from August 23rd until June 23rd – so it is open during mud season.  Not open to public during summer months

General information on biking includes how-to and safety tips with links to rules & regulations

Fishing Camp Trail is open to biking and extends 4.0 miles from the trailhead to the northeastern shore of McRorie Lake. The first 0.4 mile of the trail is located on the Kickerville Road. The trail passes Mud Pond then runs parallel to the shores of McRorie Lake and with small ascents and descents along its length. Beyond the Mud Pond Hand Launch Site (approximately 0.75 mile from the trailhead) the trail is open to the public for biking from August 24 – June 23.
Bikers must remain on the section of trail between Mud Pond and the McRorie Lake Outlet (the Base Camp Area). Accessing the private lands adjacent to the trail is prohibited.

McRorie Lake Trail leaves the Fishing Camp Trail approximately 2.1 miles from the trailhead at the junction of three trails. The trail extends 0.5 mile at the end of a point on the southwest shore of the lake. The trail is open to the public for biking from August 24 – June 23.


It is permissible to ride any marked trail in the Long Lake & Raquette Lake area except the Northville-Placid Trail and those trails that cross State Land classified as Wilderness. As usage dictates, review of the trails will be made and other trails may be restricted. Please obey all NYSDEC signs.

All trails are ride at your own risk.  Many of these trails have been lacking TLC over the years and are in very rough shape. This is an inventory of what is available in the region, but please be forewarned, that while it is great to explore, but many trails in the wooded state-land managed areas are full of roots and rocks and hidden obstacles.  For trails approved for Mountain Biking that are on state lands – contact Region 5 NYSDEC with questions and concerns.

Lake Eaton/Endion Road—about .5 miles to Lake Eaton, 3.5 miles to Lake Eaton Campsite from the trailhead on Endion Rd..  Not Rated.

The trailhead is reached by going north on Rte. 30 from the village and turning left on to the Endion Rd.  The trailhead is on the right side of the Endion Road, 1.6 miles from Rte. 30 on a sharp curve.  There are signs directing the visitor to the proper trail. This trail skirts the western shore of the Lake.

Lake Eaton-Big Brook Loop— Not recommended, needs work. Contact NYSDEC Ray Brook Office, Region 5 and advocate for work.  Best used in winter as snowmobile trail S86

Essex Chain of Lakes, Newcomb NY
Nearly 20 miles of administrative roads in the Complex are open for bicycling. The roads open for bicycle use are in the Bike Routes Map (PDF 1.0 MB) and in the following list:

8.5 miles of the Chain Lakes Road North from the Goodnow Flow Road to the Cedar River
1.5 miles of the Drake’s Mill Road from Chain Lakes Road North to the Hudson River Access Site at the Polaris (Iron) Bridge
2.5 miles of road from the Chain Lakes Road North to the Deer Pond Parking Area
2.5 miles of road looping around Deer Pond
0.3 mile of road from Chain Lakes North to Jackson Pond
3.0 miles of the Chain Lakes Road South from the Outer Gooley Parking Area to the Cedar River
1.0 mile of road from the Chain Lakes Road South to Pine Lake.

The Essex Chain Lakes Road South can be accessed from the Deer Pond Parking Area can be accessed from the nearby community of Newcomb.

Biking is prohibited beyond the Polaris (Iron) Bridge into the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest.

Bicyclist should not travel on the Goodnow Flow Road beyond the intersection with the Chain Lakes Road North. The Goodnow Flow Road becomes a private road shortly after the DEC sign for “Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River Access” sign at the intersection with the Chain Lakes Road North. Turn left at the sign on to the Chain Lakes Road North.


Great Camp Santanoni in Newcomb –

This is a wide carriage dirt road to a Historic Great Camp in the Adirondacks. A multi-use trail that allows in summer biking, hiking and horseback riding; in winter x-c skiing, snowshoeing (I’m not sure about fat tire).

In the summer there is a horse and cart that take people, canoes/kayak and cyclists (I know of one time they helped a guy with a flat tire out)

The trail has a peak at about 3 miles in (or 1.5 miles out) so you get a nice down hill ride into the camp and out the parking lot.

Scenic wide carriage roads ideal for outdoor adventures featuring spectacular views of the High Peaks Wilderness as well as Adirondack Great Camp history.

Location: Newcomb, NY. Essex County.
9.4 mile out-and back (4.7 miles one way).
Well-maintained, wide dirt and gravel carriage road.Easy to moderate (due to length).
340 ft. Flat and gently rolling hills.

Hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing.

Caution: This is considered “Wild Forest”. Carry maps, compass, rain gear, insect repellent, water and snacks.

Muti-use trails. Also vehicles such as horse-drawn carriages and state maintenance vehicles use the carriage roads. Avoid durng the “wet season – spring run-off” or after heavy rains.


Popular mountain bike trails near Raquette Lake 
The 22-mile Limekiln Lake-Cedar River Road is a seasonal access road which runs through the Moose River Plains Complex and can be used with other roads and highways to travel between Inlet and Indian Lake.

Seventh Lake Mountain Trail extends 12.8 miles between Limekiln Lake-Cedar River Road and Sagamore Road.

Old Uncas Road Trail extends 7.2 miles between two trailheads along State Route 28 – one across from the Seventh Lake Boat Launch and the other across from Eighth Lake Campground.

Mohegan Lake Trail leaves the Old Uncas Road Trail 2.7 miles from the Eighth Lake Campground Trailhead and connects with Mohegan Lake Road then Sagamore Road.

Alot of long hills on the gravel road, mostly up on the way in. The road will take you to, and around, Mohegan Lake, but on the way back out, you will see a snowmobile trail that breaks left. This trail is a good ride, and it will take you out to Eighth Lake on Rte 28. The trail continues past Rte 28, but this is a good place to turn around. It’s approx. 8 – 10 miles out and back

Bug Lake Trail extends 3.2 miles between Uncas Road and Eighth Lake Campground through which bikers can connect to the Seventh Lake Mountain Trail.

Mike Norris Trail extends 2.5 miles between the Bug Lake Trail and Uncas Road.

Otter Brook Trail extends 6.6 miles from the trailhead located at the end of Otter Brook Road. The trail follows along the Otter Brook and the West Canada Lake Wilderness boundary.

In addition to the trails, bikers can use Uncas Road, Sagamore Road and State Route 28 to create long distance cycling trips.

Muti-use trails. Also vehicles such as horse-drawn carriages and state maintenance vehicles use the carriage roads. Avoid durng the “wet season – spring run-off” or after heavy rains.