The Town of Long Lake must enforce the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention
and Building Code; and must have a Code Enforcement Officer.

Harry D. Buxton is the Code Enforcement officer for the Town of Long Lake.

The fee schedule varies per scope and size of project.
Please contact Harry Buxton at 518-624-2009 for further information.
Harry’s office hours Monday thru Friday 6am – 10am. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment.


LL Gov Code Building Permit (PDF Download)
LL Gov Code Roofing Permit (PDF Download)

Please be aware although there are no zoning regulations in the Hamlets
of Long Lake and Raquette Lake, the Adirondack Park Agency, the
Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Conservation
may have additional regulations and rules regarding your project.

Link to Adirondack Park Agency (Jurisdictional Inquiry Form)
This form will begin the review process with the Adirondack Park Agency regarding your proposed project. You are urged to begin the process as early as possible to limit delays to your project.