The 90 Miler, Adirondack Canoe Classic returns in 2021 with 230 boats, a huge army of volunteers, Ham Radio Operators, veteran paddlers, new crew, Pit Stop experts, pink heart balloons and a mixed day of sun, clouds, and wind to kick it back into high paddling gear for leg #1 of an epic three-day paddling marathon.

In 2021 Brian McDonnell leads the charge with his expertise, planning, and eye for the details as he hands the reigns over to the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. I can’t imagine this race not being Brian’s baby, but he’s paid his dues, bringing passionate paddlers to these historic waterways year after year and it’s time to turn over the reigns.  

But for now.. here are some photos snapped today in Raquette Lake, at Brown’s Tract Inlet and Utowana Lake and Blue Mountain Lake Finish. It was a windy finale today with the whitecaps making an appearance as paddlers crossed the finish line.  

Tomorrow, September 11th, the day will kick off in Long Lake, NY from Endion Field.