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Skiing Boreas Ponds

Travelogue:  January 31, 2021.

I did a cross country ski trek approximately fifteen (15) miles round trip to finally get the ADK scenery that I couldn’t get last year when I did this ski.

The Gulf Brook Road to and from the ponds is roughly eighty (80) percent UPHILL skiing. I went this past Sunday (1/31/21) and it was very cold to start up gradually warmed up…slightly.

The very first parking lot as you turn on the Gulf Brook Road entrance from the Blue Ridge Road is plowed and open. There is a good size snowbank you must tromp over and work around the yellow swing gate to get to the sign-in register. After that, it is all hard skiing as the road is not groomed or maintained.

That Sunday, I experienced low temperatures ranged from -1 to 5 degrees, especially in the shade. However, as the sun came out and sustained without a cloud in the sky, the temps ranged from 20 to 25 degrees which helped immensely! The clouds came in as I got closer to my car so I was very thankful.

All weather situations are different, so be prepared regardless and bring water or sports drinks in bottles that can slosh or move in a backpack. Do not bring a Camelback with a hose line as I did before on my first trip last year, or it WILL freeze up.

I am still recovering as my legs feel like jello still but it was well worth it from last year as I said. That year, I got to the ponds after it being very windy and downright cold, I couldn’t get the views I got this year.


Written by Stephen J. Lemieux from Adirondack Aerial & Ground Imagery. Used with permission. Originally published on Facebook on February 2, 2021. 


Link to NYS DEC Winter Safety Information


Boreas Pond Map

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Boreas Ponds photo