In other news.  While out on Leaf Peeping Intelligence gathering, spotters noted the flashing yellow light and flashing stop light that had been at the base of the hill of NYS Route 30 corner of Dock Lane/Olivet Rd.  rounding the corner (to avoid going into the lake) has been removed by NYS DOT.  There are currently arrow signs on site showing travelers to TURN.  

Places to go:

Drive along route 28 in Raquette Lake, NY.  Stop off in the village and view the surroundings.  Hike into Death Brook Falls, check out the view from the NYS DEC Campground, Golden Beach.  Head out to Browns Tract Pond.  Rent a boat from Burke’s or Bird’s and check out the shoreline of Raquette Lake. 

Check out the drive between Newcomb and Long Lake along 28N or along Sabattis Road along Little Tupper Lake, just north of Long Lake off of NYS Route 30 onto County Route 10.  Be an adventurer and hike into Mt. Frederica.  Please read up on safety measures for hiking.  Carry food, water, fire and emergency supplies.  You cannot rely on cell phone service in the backwoods.   

Leaf Peeping Report Report
September 23, 2017
Long Lake/Central ADKs
Percent of trees changed: 35% – 40%

Weather Outlook – We’ve had amazingly unseasonal warmer temperatures this last week, and as we head into Thursday Sept 29th we will see cooler nights. Now that it is fall – it feels like summer!  

We do see evenings cool down this week starting on Thursday and anticipate the current flatness of the color will accelerate again this weekend and we will pick up another round of colors, extending what we thought was going to be a fast change. While it’s not as brilliant as we have been seeing last week, we’ll take the warm weather and hazy hot days and we haven’t hit peak yet.  Still more change to come. Still green out there waiting for colder nighttime temps to rev up the show this upcoming weekend. 

Brilliance: Colors are average, but looking for some change this upcoming weekend. 

Predominating colors: Yellows, reds, purples, and anticipate more to come.  

Weather outlook for the week. Warm beginning of the week, with a seasonal drop for Thursday to 58-60 during the day and in the mid to high 30’s at night

Coming Events include: Octo-BEAR-Fest at Hoss’s Country Corner on Saturday, September 30th as well as a Town Sponsored leaf peeping hike to Lows Ridge with Joan Collins on Sat. Sept 30th, departure at 7am.  Call 518.624.3077 to sign up. It’s Free.