Last Minute Shoppers!  We have some great gift ideas for you! Shop Localfrom the comfort of your home!  The businesses in Long Lake and Raquette Lake, NY in the center of the Adirondacks are at the phones waiting for your call!  Or they’ll check their email too!

Helpful hint: To navigate – click on the pictures for links and there are clickable links throughout this post.  

Sales galore.  Check out Hoss’s Country Corner for great daily sales all the way  to Christmas Eve.  From amazing warm clothing and outdoor gear, to the commerative tee shirts & traditional sweatshirts, Hoss’s has you covered. Everything from knives, books, ice fishing gear, toys, and a huge selection of gifts, glassware, jewelry and everything in between. You will be ready to hit the great outdoors after a stop at Hoss’s.  They also have snowshoe & x-c ski rentals for the outdoor enthusiast Check out the 12 Days of Christmas! Hoss’s Facebook

Hop out the back door of Hoss’s and you will find a great place to eat and drink!  Do you know someone who likes a good craft beer?  Check out the ADK Growl & Grub behind Hoss’s Country Corner for a great selection of beers. Pick your favorite and get a Growler to Go. But while you’re picking your favorite brew – you are likely to build up an appetite. Order up a an Adk Cuban or a Kickin’ Chicken Deli sandwich or build your own! The Growl and Grub is a great place to pick up a last-minute gift certificate to give one of the most unique holiday gift item of the season. Call 518-624-2816 or check them out online at

Now head North towards Tupper Lake and you’ll find 3 stops in one – or 4 in 1 if you need to do your laundry. Located ata 1601 Tupper Road on NYS Route 30 between Lake Eaton and Long Lake there is a great place, tucked in on the side of the road. Ample parking and plenty of things to discover at this little Adirondack destination just shy of Lake Eaton. 

Visit Ali Baba’s Liquors.  A great selection of wine, spirits and gift items too. Don’t know about your and your friends, but wine has been a big hit lately as a great gift to bring along to the holiday party. Perfect for the grab bag at your holiday parties. Look for large and small sizes and just about any spirit you need to add to your Glogg recipe. Gift boxes and more available.  Check out the specials and it’s right in Long Lake, no need to travel far!

The ADK Trading Post.  People stop in for the soups and panini’s, but there are plenty of gifts, socks, snacks and unique items for all. Looking for the Adirondack Book, card, a gift with a sense of humor, sticker or a gift basket to ship to friends and family?  Come on in, say hi to Vickie, pull up a chair.  Everyone is at home at the Post.  Can’t get here from your couch?  Not to worry, check out the shop on-line. Check out  or call  518.624.2357.  Can’t decide because there are so many choices, go ahead and make it a gift certificate! And don’t forget to exercise, they have x-c ski rentals & snowshoes too.


Dina Kennedy is a healer, a teacher and a spiritual growth coach and she has a studio in Long Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks. She has gift certificates available, so give the gift of Dina, to yourself, or that family member complaining of back pain. Even if you can’t travel to Long Lake, Dina offers on-line consultations. Clear the energy with a selection of crystals, stones rocks and minerals. And one of her most special items are Dina’s oracle cards. Check out Dina’s website and order up a gift certificate.  She offers products, services and so much more!


By Appointment only.
Open Friday – Wednesday Closed and unplugged on Thursdays for Sabbath.

No evening appointments as my energy is low then, but I am happy to schedule you early in the morning before you go to work. Dina is always available weekends, too.
Phone: 518-624-2828. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

Other great gift ideas – Raquette Lake Navigation!  Dining Gift Certificates!  Who doesn’t enjoy the classic tour of Raquette Lake during the summer season with Captain Dean telling the history of the birth of Great Camps Architecture and the lore that has made Raquette lake a legendary stop for Adirondack history.  Get a gift certificate for someone who’s never experienced this serene expedition in the Adirondacks boasting with world-class dining and service.  

And if you want more Raquette Lake – try an amazing Bloody Mary Mix with a recipe by Raquette Lake’s own Rachel Pohl.  Have you had the Elixir?  This spicy Adirondack Bloody Mary Mix is amazing with its blend of ingredients.  Great recipe ideas, party ideas and a great gift for under the tree!

Custom handmade knives by Long Lake’s own Chase Axin.  He makes one-of-a-kind knives.  Unique gifts.  He has a summer studio in Long Lake, NY and one in Chenango, NY.  Chase has been handcrafting his knives, while they are practical and unique, they are also considered incredible works of art.  Check out his website.


Chipman Woodworks now with it’s homebase in Long Lake may be familiar to visitors to our local craft fairs.  Gary’s craftsmanship is a work of art.  His mission is to provide my customers with beautiful and functional wood crafts, that will last to be handed down for generations to come.

We have plenty of other great stops to shop at too.

Helms Village Store is an iconic furniture store located on Route 30 in Long Lake NY.  Great home furnishings, rustic Adirondack style and more, solid constrution, couches, beds, lighting…  1389 Tupper Road 518.624.3566.  Call Julie and get yourself set up!  She even handles the dry cleaning if you have a special holiday outfit.  

Charles Grover Woodworks Adirondack Rustic Furniture and he delivers too!  Hand crafted at the shop in Long Lake NY. 




Heckman Engines on FB
(518) 637-4661

Seasonal visitors.. how many times have you arrived at your property to open it up only to discover, the lawnmower isn’t working, but you only have 2 days to open your camp and get it ready for your guests and the ground is covered in pine needles or leaves or your grass is growing out of control and all the gadgets and gear you bought for your dream home, over the winter have just stopped mysteriously working and you need help.  Cody is your small-engine expert!  Give him a call and drop off your gear for a tune-up, a check up or an overall.

If you have bigger fish to fry, maybe a tweak on the snowmobile or a fix on your boat engine, Cody can handle that too. This guy knows his way around his mechanical gear. Leave it to the experienced expert.  Cody’s shop located behind Hoss’s.  Why not get your impossible family member a gift certificate from Cody. Take the guessing out of shopping.  Stop clicking on those news stories on your newfeed that say top 20 unique gift ideas.. you have already found it, right here in Long Lake & Raquette Lake!  

Other great gift ideas

Gift Certificates from

Adirondack Fibers & Yarn Store located on Adams Park Way.  Stop in or call Donna Adams at 518-624-2521.  Click on the link above to find out more info on Donna’s shop. One of the best kept secrets in Long Lake!  

Long Lake Diner 518-624-3941
Adirondack Hotel 518-624-4700
Long View Lodge 518-624-2862
Helms Village Store 518-624-3566  
Raquette Lake Supply General Store 315-354-4301
Raquette Lake Tap Room 315-354-4581 (get a gift certificate for Snowmobile Season, Pastabillities or even order up a T-Shirt!)

Adilaska Dog Kennel. 518-624-2050.  Gift the gift of safe, friendly, clean dog boarding! Do you know someone with a pet that wants to go on vacation?  Look no further.  Pat has clients all over the Adirondack north country traveling to her kennel.  Call to make an appointment.

Boat Storage and Repair in Raquette Lake – What about buying me a new boat?  Ok, maybe not me, but your family deserves some fun!  Or maybe you need a new dock because the snow sunk yours while you weren’t looking! 

Lou Burke’s Marine & Boat Service 315-369-8554
Burke’s Marine & Cottages
Birds Marine in Raquette Lake

Ok.. maybe this is nutty – but get ambitious and book a vacation – it may be a little early to book, but really, what a cool idea!  

Shamrock Motel & Cottages

Motel Long Lake


Or even more ambitious or better yet… BUY YOUR FAMILY A NEW HOUSE!

Long Lake Real Estate
Birds Adk Real Estate
Gillis Real Estate

Or check out some business opportunies!

For Sale – Turn Key Restaurant

Think big and go small town for the Holidays.  


Ali Babas Liquor Store in Long Lake

Have you ever met Stella? If you shop at Ali Baba’s Liquor Store you will. She will help you select the perfect wine for your holiday meal, the most unique gift for under the tree and if you are really well behaved, she’ll let you pet her.  Okay, Stella is the best dog around and a visit to Ali’s will be well worth the introduction.  Check out Ali’s inventory. He’s always looking to add popular items that will be unique under the tree. There’s champagne, specialty mixers, moonshine, wine for all tastes and palates and of course the standards needed for any holiday party.  (and fun fact, if you are local – you get a discount! – one more reason to move here, right!)  Check them out at 1601 Tupper Road.  And if you need your driveway plowed.. maybe Ali can help you out.  So there’s that too! 

The ADK Trading Post has something for everyone.  Call Vickie and she’ll pull together a unique gift basket with all your favorite items.  This takes the stress and thinking right out of the equation. From speciality sauces, gift certificates, iconic Adirondack gear and clothing, patches, panini’s (well not sure she can send a hot panini in a package, but ask her.. I bet she’s thought about how to successfully do that.)  Socks.. have you checked out her sock collection?  And books.  It’s your one stop, small shopping Long Lakey experience.  Maybe if you’re lucky she’ll give you her top secret recipes for her soup… or maybe not.  Call 518-624-2357 and get your order in today!  And did you know she moved Black Friday to December 14th – 16th.  Why?  Well if you didn’t know, Long Lake had a major power outage on Black Friday and it cut right into the holiday celebration.  So Vickie is making up for it this weekend!  So gear up and get shopping!  Here’s a link to the website. 

50 Acres of Beach and Wood

History Buffs interested in stories about Raquette Lake should check out Tom Thacher’s labor of love, 50 Acres of Beach and Wood.  This book is available electronically and is free!  Tom has done years of research on his family’s property.  And this property is much like it was back in the day, only accessible by boat and no electricity.  It may not be for everyone, but there are still plenty of properties in both Raquette Lake and Long Lake that boast this unique attribute.

Louisa Austin owns a studio in Long Lake across from Stewart’s Shops.  She offers workshops, and handcrafted gifts and clothing.  She’s been creating fervently this holiday season.  Stop by and if you are armchair shopping and want to spend your money other than Amazon, contact Louisa. Gift Certificates are always a wonderful idea too.  Call her at  (518) 572-7772.  Always original!  

Turner’s Pizza in Long Lake, NY

New pizza shop in Long Lake, NY.  Opened in November of 2018.  Gift the gift of pizza!  That will be a unique item under the tree this season.

Ironwood Custom Gun Shop running specials in 2018.  

Last chance to order firearms to easily/cheaply get them here before Christmas is to call or stop in by 4 pm tomorrow, Saturday, December 15th. Any later than that and it will be expedited shipping and a prayer.

If you don’t know what to get a gun owner for Christmas, you usually can’t go wrong buying them a gun!

I even see some single shot 12ga shotguns on sale that I could have in your hands for $130 at the moment. High quality youth 22s in the $170 range.

Or if you’re not sure what to get someone I’m happy to write up a gift certificate for you and they can decide what they want at their leisure.

Also, lots of gun cases, ammo, slings & other accessories in stock if you need to accessorize a gun purchase made elsewhere.

If you can’t make it to the shop in time I’m happy to take a CC by phone.  Call (518) 624-6246

Great present.. New Years Eve overnight package, includes dinner, room & dancing!  Click for details