It was August 21, 2017. A beautiful sunny day in Long Lake, NY located in the real upstate New York, the Adirondacks. (you know two hours north of Albany, five from NYC, four from Jersey, and one hour from everywhere else)

A good friend and colleague, Colleen, was rustling about and heading out the door to the town office parking lot, very determined.  She had to be up to something. “What are you doing?”  I asked, puzzled, thinking, what is she up to?

“I’m going outside to view the eclipse.”

Today? Right now?  What was she talking about? How did I not know this?  I had no clue there was any kind of any celestial event going on, today? How could this be? Well, lucky for me, she knew, so I obediently followed her out the door, dragging my Parks, Recreation and Tourism intern, Maria to the parking lot.

Colleen had crafted a homemade viewer out of a cardboard box, because we had no special eclipse glasses rated as needed, the  ISO 12312-2 certified eclipse glasses or viewers that meet international safety standards.  Colleen explained her crafty nature.

“I poked a hole in one side of a box. The side with the hole faces the sun, the eclipse “image” will show up on the side opposite the hole. It’s easy peasy.”

We laughed, alrighty then, good, we won’t burn our eyes. I snapped a photo of the eclipse in the container because I didn’t want to forget this moment. How unique to spy the shadow of the moon through a pinhole in a box.

What is a total solar eclipse

What does a total solar eclipse mean?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon travels between Earth and the Sun, blocking out sunlight and allowing its shadow to project on the globe. The temporary darkness only lasts a few minutes, but its impact on temperatures, winds and even cloud cover can last much longer.

2017 visitors checked out the sky in Long Lake, NY in front of the Adirondack Hotel.


Having been somewhat enamored of that moment in time, I went home that night and googled, I know, who would do such a thing?

“When is the next total solar eclipse?”  After a few clicks here and there and everywhere, I sat there somewhat, well, stunned. Was the interwebs playing a trick on me??? Check it out. I couldn’t believe my non-burnt eyes, but there it was on  April 8, 2024 Long Lake, NY was 100% in the path of totality. How could I be so lucky?

I immediately made a Facebook page social media event for Long Lake and got immediate response. I was like, say what.. why do 400 people like this event post in just a few hours?  That’s cray! And so it went, and now here we are seven years later and now we are only a few days away,  the forecast is for SUNNY SKIES! Here are some recommendations.

Forecast looking good for Monday, April 8, 2024


Flash-forward, the 2024 Solar Eclipse weekend is here, and TOTALITY happens in Long Lake and Raquette Lake on Monday, April 8th at 3:24pm. Partial eclipse starts at 2:12. Forecast says, sunny, 51 degrees. Long Lake, NY is on the path of totality and we’re going to have three minutes and one point four seconds of “Totality”

What will it be like in Long Lake?

Well, we’re a small town with small town hospitality and people are our business.

At noon visitors are welcome to stop by the Geiger Arena at 6 Pavilion Way and say hi to Rebecca or stop by  the Long Lake Town Beach at 1258 Main Street to meet Tim and the Long Lake Lions Club. There will be eclipse glasses and info at both locations and friendly folks to help you navigate your way through the day. Plenty of local businesses are open and have glasses, specials and viewing parties planned. We’ve set up a variety of porta-potties and bathrooms, identified viewing areas, and parking spots, look for official signage, or ask!

We are asking people to do their best and not park in the middle of roadways and people need to understand cars are moving, so look both ways before crossing the street, really, it’s a thing!  Get ready. The intersection NYS Route 30/28N (Deerland Road) intersects with the 28N – East to Newcomb and North to NYS Route 30 Main Street Tupper Road (toward Tupper Lake) – you got all that? It can be a bit overwhelming for a first timer, but know the rules of the road and follow any special instructions (if needed)

Map to Long Lake NY

Roads leading to Long Lake NYS Route 30 and NYS Route 28N

We expect travelers seeking out the best places to view. Starting at noon we offer the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area, located at 6 Pavilion Maps, brochures, parking and porta potties. There will be a limited supply of  eclipse glasses (limited supply, first come first served) same with the parking.

At Mt. Sabattis visitors can climb up the road (which is currently closed to traffic due to Mud Season) Mt. Sabattis will have an expansive view of the sky. Then we have the “Ball Field” located on Main Street and please park in the municipal lot.  Additional parking at St. Henry’s and Long Lake Central School (no overnight parking please)

Back to the ballfields, yes, there are tall trees, but if you look up you have a great view of the sky there too. Bring your lawn chairs. There are porta-potties at the muni parking lot adjacent to the ball field, 1167 Main Street.

The Long Lake Town Beach will have a great view too. 1258 Main Street.

Just understand parking is limited, but we have area roads and designated parking, just be mindful anywhere you park, don’t block driveways, roadways and please, don’t block the hydrants. Oh, watch and out for mud.

It’s a small town so join us. Find your own slice of our lands, put on your glasses, get out your cardboard pinhole boxes,  and look up. (well after you put your glasses on)

And make sure to stop by and the local businesses to check out the merch, grab a bite to eat and you’ll be Feeling Long Lakey in no time.

For more details faqs and info please visit our Eclipse Page


In Long Lake

Partial Eclipse Starts  2:12PM

Total Eclipse  3:24PM

Total Duration 3M1.4S

Partial Eclipse Ends 4:39PM

In Raquette Lake

Partial Eclipse Starts  2:11PM

Total Eclipse  3:24PM

You must have a viewing point

facing the South West – 225° on compass

Partial Eclipse Ends 4:39PM

Ideally your vantage point will have

sight either side of SW (210° – 240°)

written by Alex Verner Bearslayer – Alex has been the Long Lake Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism for 15 years and she’s totally stoked for the Total Solar Eclipse. And she thanks her hard-working staff, crew, friends, family and everyone for working together to ensure everyone has a safe, healthy and great day.