The Long Lake Highway Department has a Full Depth Reclamation project slated  along Dock Road, Keough Road and Becker Road in Long Lake, NY. A gravel surfaced road will be in place until paving is complete in 2019.
The Long Lake Highway department anticipates no parking on the shoulders along Dock Rd, Keough Road and Becker Road.  This includes areas from the Long Lake Town Hall to the State Boat Launch.  It also includes Dock Road along the stretch from the Long Lake Marina and Hardware Store to the NYS State Boat Launch and Keough Road.  This schedule is subject to change without notice.  Please note that cars parked along the shoulders of these roads will be towed at the owner’s expense.
This is part of an on-going paving project with final paving and resurfacing to be complete in the summer of 2019. 
Alternate parking is available at the Town of Long Lake Municipal Lot at 1179 Main Street, the site of the former Long Lake Highway Garage.
Starting the last week of July phase two of this project is now underway with culvert replacement and installation of a water line along this stretch of road  with the Long Lake Highway Department reserving the right to change the schedule without notice.

What does this mean for my vacation?

Not much.  The traffic will move.  You’ll be happy to see people flagging.  Just don’t park on the shoulders.  Relax and enjoy.  

The machine is big.