The first hike was gorgeous, the sun came out just for my hike and I MAY have had a dance party at the top with my dogs. With beautiful views like this how could you not dance a little.

Even with the second hike being a little snowy with almost nothing to see, it had a beauty that was still worth the hike.


I enjoy hiking.

I enjoy hiking 3 of the 4 seasons.

I like hiking in the spring when it’s muddy and slippery. I like hiking in the summer when it’s hot and muggy. I REALLY like hiking in the fall when it’s cool and beautiful. But winter, cold and icy? Winter hiking is not my favorite.

It’s cold and you have to wear layers. It’s often so hard to judge how many layers to wear and I usually error on the side of too many layers. Layers which make your body heavy and harder to move. Then add the heavy boots, the gloves, a hat, bulky sweatshirts, long underwear, SNOWSHOES! Suddenly a simple hike, like the mile up Coney Mountain, is a huge production! One I’m never sure is going to be worth it the way the weather is in the Adirondacks.

Nevertheless, I ventured out (twice actually!) with my dogs and did the short mile hike to the beautiful 360 view on Coney that is always worth the hike. As far as hikes go, it’s the biggest bang for your buck; not too steep, not too long, and at this point, very familiar.

As expected I hated it most of the way up but the dogs appreciated it!


This post is written by Steph Hample – Events Coordinator for The Town of Long Lake.