Cathedral Pines

Easy, Family Friendly.  Leg stretcher!

Located outside of Raquette Lake on route 28 watch for a pull off with a small DEC Trailhead sign.

This is one of the shortest circuit trails in the Adiorndacks.  Only 210 yards long, it visits a stand of great white pines between NY 28 and 7th Lake.

The trail starts .9 miles sw of 8th Lake Campground (heading from RL to Inlet) or 1 mile past the Fishing Access site on 7th Lake (heading from Inlet to RL) New constructed parking pull-offs on either side of the road. Be careful, traffic flies along this section of the road!

Most of the pines are along the first, upper part of the trail, so we chose the path on the right heading up the hill to start our exploration.  On the lower section of the trail, a memorial commorates a young U.S. Air Force officer, the son of a local district ranger, killed in action in World War II.

Now when you get to the top of the hill past the outstandingly grandiose White Pines (please hug them and take a picture, they are our version of HUGE trees) you will make a left hand turn around some blow down that has been cut up to make way for a trail.  An alternative quick side jaunt is to bear right along a herd path to make your way down to the water’s edge of 7th Lake for a peek at the lake.  It’s not the official trail, but we headed back up to the top complete the shortest trail in the land.

The Raquette Lake 3 is a day trip.  Visit Death Brook Falls, Cathedral Pines and Ferd’s Bog in one day!  Stay tuned for more announcements!