Blueberry Mountain
This trail can be accessed off of the Northville-Lake Placid Trail from Kelly’s Point.  This is not an officially marked DEC Trail.  Bring appropriate topo maps, gear, compass.  It is a herd path as described below.

Hike 4.5 miles north from the Tarbell Hill Road access point to the NPT Trail.  Follow directions to Kelly’s point. Or Paddle to Kelly’s Point.

Once on the lake start paddling north and continue for 4.5 miles to Kelly Point.

On the point there are two lean-tos and a trail that access the Northville/Placid Trail (NPT). Once on the NPT take a left and start hiking north, be on a close lookout for the herd path (THIS IS NOT A OFFICIALLY MARKED TRAIL) on the right hand side of the TRAIL. The herd path is pretty obscure at the start, but once on it, it is easy enough to follow. It is a good idea to have a GPS and/or map and compass handy for this one. The herdpath is a bit steep in areas as it works its way up the face of the mountain to the great views out over the lake.

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