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Adirondack Goodboat

68 Northpoint Rd Long Lake NY 12847 Work Phone: 518-624-6398 Website: Mason Smith Boat Builders
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Since 1986, Mason Smith, of Long Lake has been been building or restoring: Adirondack Goodboats – the unique rowing/sailing/motoring boat designed to be an alternative to the guideboat which has everybody in the Adirondacks so mystified, as if it were the only rowing boat that ever was. Mason has built 66 of these.

Antique Guideboats – by various builders, at various prices. Call for list.


Wood-canvas canoes

Custom Boats – such boats as the charming electric launch Lily, the great uncapsizable trailer-sailer and camping-cruiser Birdwatcher, various flat-bottomed rowboats, or, in fact, anything you like!

Chipmunk Canoes, made by the same Constant Camber method. sailing and sliding seat rowing versions too.

Mason Smith buys and sells small boats in a small way and like to consult on them, using my small knowledge of what works well and what is available.

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