The 22nd Annual Long Lake Winter Carnival was held Saturday, January 13, 2024 at the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area in Long Lake, NY. The morning started out with torrents of rain and sleet, but eventually made way for snow starting at noon. The Long Lake Highway Department joined the Parks and Recreation Department to clear parking lots and prep the staging area for the event. Despite the challenging weather, there was expansive turn out with new visitors, second homeowners and local residents flocking to the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center for the outdoor event.

Events kicked off with the coronation of the Moonlighters Snowmobile Club Royal Family with King and Queen, Michelle and Tom Donnelly, year-round residents of the Town of Long Lake and members of the Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club for over 30 years. Stan Kolonko of The Ice Farm installed 24 ice carvings for business sponsors participating in the outdoor Ice Garden. Long Lake Fire Department members provided lunch to all the guests.

The day ended with a bonfire and fireworks with the Long Lake Little Bus providing safe transportation after dark. Jerry Flanagan, the Little Bus driver transported over 100 riders clocked over 120 miles on Saturday night.

2024 Long Lake Winter Carnival Winners
** some last names are missing due to lack of complete registration information because it was raining and the papers got all wet! (sorry!) If you did win and your name is not complete please email with your first and last name and what you won and we can update our information! Thank you in advance!

Moonlighters Snowmobile Club King and Queen

Michelle and Tom Donnelly

Cardboard Sled 12 & Under

1st: Kempter Family – Troy, NY

2nd: Cailyn Norton – Tupper Lake, NY

3rd: Gregson Boys – Newcomb, NY

Cardboard Sled 13-17

1st: Isaac Smith – Malvern, PA

2nd: Addison Schwab – Long Lake, NY

3rd: Delaney & Vianna – Slingerlands, NY

Cardboard Sled 18+ #1

1st: Brittany Olbert & Bella Sandersen– Long Lake, NY

2nd: Rachel West – Albany, NY

Cardboard Sled 18+ #2

1st: Mary Dery – Long Lake, NY

2nd: Kelsie Adams & Jazmin Roche – Long Lake, NY

3rd: Collen & Heather – Long Lake, NY

Cardboard Sled Best Crash

Cailyn Norton – Tupper Lake, NY

Honorable Mention: Harper Curtin – Long Lake, NY

Cardboard Sled Best in Show

1st: “Super Mario” Team

2nd: “Martian Monster” (Matt Hosley Jr, SJ Hosley, Tommy Hosley – Long Lake, NY)

3rd: “Bingo” (Maddie Paula – Long Lake, NY)

Wacky Hat/Fashion

1st: Zoe Lebron – Long Lake, NY

GT Racer Under 17 #1

1st: Cam Harris – Long Lake, NY

2nd: Harrison _____

3rd: Jack ____________

GT Racer Under 17 #2

1st: Charlie Seaman – Long Lake, NY

2nd: Morgan Delehanty – Long Lake, NY

3rd: Matt Hosley Jr. – Long Lake, NY

GT Racer Over 17 #1

1st: Elliot Seamark –

2nd: Noah Bozak – Long Lake, NY

3rd: Harrison Hall – Long Lake, NY

GT Racer Over 17 #2

1st: Matt Hosley – Long Lake, NY

2nd: Jessica

3rd: Shea Farrell – Long Lake, NY

Men’s Caber Toss (9 participants)

1st: Dennis ___________ 29’0”

2nd: Ron Johnson 27’2” – Troy, NY

3rd: John ____________ 25’6”

Ladies Frying Pan Toss (42 total participants)

1st: Trisha Hosley 52’3” – Long Lake, NY

2nd: Anna Pratt 49’0” – Burlington, VT

3rd: Prudence Dechene 48’6” – Long Lake, NY

Business and Event Sponsors

Town of Long Lake

Tokarz Excavating

Journey’s End

Howe May We Help You llc

Deerland Property Services

Donnelly’s Sunset Point

Life Power Chiropractic

ADK Trading Post

Adirondack Experience Museum on Blue Mountain Lake

Motel Long Lake

Burnt Mountain Lodge

Clear Mountain Contracting

Chipman Woodworks


Adirondack Herrenhaus

Long View Lodge


Brookside Hops and Hoagies

Alex Helms Excavating

Roalsvig Law

Merrill L. Thomas

Paddler’s Rest

Long Lake Rescue Squad

Blue Line Electric

Paula Piraino and Kelly Brown

Stewart’s Shops

Jim Swedberg

Long Lake Highway Department

Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club

Long Lake Fire Department

Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department

This yearly event is sponsored by the Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department and our generous sponsors.