Union College JV Crew

Union College JV Wins the Long Lake Bowl 2023

St. Lawrence Saints V-8 win by 3 lengths continuing their undefeated season in 2023

On Sunday, May 14, 2023 the Men’s rowing teams from St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY and Union College, Schenectady, NY met for a match at the Long Lake Town Beach located at 1204 Main Street, NYS Route 30 in Long Lake, NY.

The race was the 6th Annual Great Adirondack Boat Race and kicked off at 9:30 am after the teams warmed up on the water.  Initially temperatures were brisk with a morning low temperature reading 45 degrees F with a breeze at 8mph with gusts up to 17mph.

There were no times kept and conditions were challenging, but rowable.

The first race of the Men’s 2V resulted with a win for the Union College Crew by 2 lengths. The Men’s 1V race followed with St. Lawrence winning by three lengths for the coveted Adirondack Cup locking in their undefeated season.

Special thanks to the Long Lake Rescue Squad for being on site in case of the need for an emergency response. Special thanks to the Rowing Coaches George Repicky, St. Lawrence and Tom White, Union College.

This event has been launching off the shores of Long Lake, NY since 2017 and will return on Mother’s Day weekend in 2024.

Great Adirondack Boat Race Varsity Standings

2017 Union College 1 ½ lengths

2018 Union College 2 lengths

2019 St. Lawrence 2 lengths

2021 St. Lawrence 2 lengths

2022 Tie

2023 St. Lawrence 2 lengths

Long Lake Bowl – JV Men’s Race

2017 Tie

2018 St. Lawrence by 2 lengths

2019 St. Lawrence by 4 Seats

2021 Union College by 1 seat

2022 St. Lawrence by 2.5 lengths

2023 Union College 2 boat lengths