The Great Adirondack Garage Sale is underway in the North Country.

Helpful Survivor Tips.

1. Sales are in several towns at private homes.  This is not mile after mile of garage sales lining the route with gazillions of vendors.  It’s a simple, regular weekend with garage sales happening all over the region in each town stretching from Old Forge to Malone and South to Speculator.  Check out the map on line in advance to map out where you want to go. Some towns can be up to 30 minutes away from each other and THEN you get to explore the side roads often undiscovered on a regular vacation.. so get the maps and go explore.  Enjoy the scenery!  Pick a few towns.  Doing this all in one day would be a big task and could incite the rage of garage sale anger demons with over  200 miles of road to cover. Take your time and enjoy the journey.


2. Bug Spray.  Yes.. it’s Black Fly Season.  GET BUG SPRAY and maybe even a protective shielded head gear with webbing and screen for yourself.  If you don’t get bug spray and you complain because of the bugs… stay in the car.  Of course we want you to visit, but this is a challenging time of the year. On an UP note, this weekends weather forecast is perfect for garage sales because so far because the temps are brisk and it keeps the bugs at bay, just wear layers! And if you forget your layers, remember, you’re out shopping, you can stop by one of the many sales and pick up a nice fleece.  So if you were on the fence because the weather is … not the greatest.. the opposite is true.  Wind and cold are actually better then swatting at black flies.  Don’t know what they are?  Just take our word, they are annoying and they do subside by the end of June.  Wear bug spray. Available at all area retail shops.

3.  Hours vary.  We’d love to say everyone is open every day all day.  But often, that isn’t the case.  We only list the times ONLY on the website.  We do know that all the sales in Long Lake & Raquette Lake will definitely be open on Saturday, from 9am to 4pm.  So… go shopping on Saturday!  

4. Stuff!  We have moving sales, canoes, fine china, furniture, clothing, toys, books.. classical record albums.  There are major hunts for treasure.  And you get to travel down Beecher Park Road and Clear Pond Way  – both private roads that don’t always invite traffic, but with sales happening this weekend, this is your chance to discover some new hideaways – hey check out the real estate listings, maybe you’ll find your perfect next getaway! 

5.  This big event historically started in Old Forge & Inlet and moved along down Route 28 so we joined in the fun, about 8 or 9 years ago. So we hope you enjoy our communities, meet some people, stop in our shops and take a rest at one of mom and pop shops.  Plenty of scenic vistas and plenty of spots to unwind.  

Thanks for coming!