The Cardboard Boat Box Float off happens on the Long Lake Town Beach, rain or shine, on Saturday, July 15th.  Building begins at 11am with float off commencing at 1pm.  Boats can be made out of cardboard and duct tape only.  

The early morning rain is expected to subside by 11am.  

Register for the float race at the Long Lake Town Beach with Steph and Maria.  First roll of duct tape is free and $5 a roll after the first.  

While the Box Race is happening, enjoy the US Waterski Show Team as they perform demo’s from 10am.  The  on featured performance officially kicks off at 3pm.   The Long Lake Little Bus will be available to shuttle people to the downtown area.  Wave it down or call 518.323.5001 for a ride.  Public parking is available at the LL Central School Lot or near the LL Town Ball Field adjacent to St. Henry’s Church. 

There will be no boat traffic from from 2:45pm – 4pm for the safety of the water-skiers.

Food will be sold at the beach by the ADK Trading Post.  Look for their infamous Lobster Rolls, Taco in a Bag and Chicken in a Cup.