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630pm. Long View Lodge. A new dining event for 2023! Looking for a way to escape the doldrums of winter without leaving town? Dinner & A Movie will rotate between each restaurant in January, February and March, head out to a local establishment for dinner and show. The movie for each night will be chosen at random, but will be geared towards date nights and classic films.  Signup is highly encouraged to help the restaurants plan, and can be done by calling 518-624-3077 or emailing events@mylonglake.com.

Ski Patrol: Pops (Ray Walston) is the longtime owner of an easygoing ski lodge, but its future is put in jeopardy by cutthroat businessman Sam Maris (Martin Mull). Intent on replacing the lodge with an enormous resort, Maris schemes to get Pops’ lease revoked. What he doesn’t count on is the mountain’s madcap ski patrol. As the crazed crew leaps into action to save Pops’ business, Maris begins to wish he’d never thought of building his eyesore on their winter playground.

Admission to movie: Free

Enjoy delicious eats!

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